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In today’s society, we have rediscovered the power of collaboration and expert assistance to help us reach goals. At work, we hire assistants to help us complete tasks. Coaches to keep us motivated and focused in our careers.  Consultants to help us make our biggest decisions.

2021 taught us that It’s teamwork that keeps us strong – so why not give your child the power of a devoted and professional academic confidante?

At Lit for Books, we pride ourselves on offering tutoring services that cater to the unique learning styles of our student, either virtually or on a one-on-one level. We are the team that helps your child fulfill and surpass their educational goals, from four years old through their last day of college. The Lit for Books tutoring team specializes in one-on-one academic coaching, personal coaching, test preparation, and college consulting. Our tutors embark on a rigorous training program, and have expereince as professional teachers. 

Each one is  background checked, and have over 2,000 hours of tutoring experience.

We believe in making sure our tutors function as positive mentors for your child, and can inspire them to succeed both in and out of school!


Our reading comprehension tutors identify your child’s reading needs and create an individual learning plan, just for him or her. They adjust their pace with each lesson, ensuring your young reader is challenged but never frustrated. You’ll love the day when your child follows up “The End” with: “Let me tell you all about what I just read!

You will ultimately gain a much more in-depth understanding of the texts you cover than is possible from solo-reading, and learn how to express your knowledge through written analysis and presentation or class discussion.

Master the writing skills you need to succeed in college or graduate school through online lessons.  So, you feel confident in your ability to write compelling essays, papers, and research projects.

Outline and understand the nuances of history throughout time and give them the tools needed to put that knowledge into a clear and thorough essay.

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2 hour weekly minimum
$ 69
99 Per Hour
  • Comprehensive assessment of skill level
  • One on One Help- Virtual and In-Person Options
  • Custom learning plan
  • Challenging curriculum in accordance with state standards


2 hour Weekly Minimum
$ 79
99 Hour
  • Covers 2 subject courses
  • One on One Assistance
  • Customized learning plan
  • Test preparation

The Works

1 hour weekly minimum
$ 89
99 Per Hour
  • Special test preparation for state tests, college exams, and essay writing
  • Improve test scores with testing strategies that work
  • Virtual or Online Options
  • Personalized Approach and Pacing

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